Discount Buyer’s Club

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BENEFITS gets your merchandise directly from manufacturers and distributors and has it shipped directly to you with full factory warrantees. Our extensive computer network makes it easy for us to locate the product you want at the best price available.

As a member, you are now a part of a group that numbers in the hundreds of thousands of members that gives you buying power in market place that you’ve probably never had before. Here are two other great benefits of membership:

1. Exclusive Double the Difference Lowest Price Guarantee.

What if you purchase an item from CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BENEFITS, only to find a better price in a local retail store? No problem! Just call us to report the lower price. Then, send in a verifiable advertisement or written quote on the retailer’s letterhead within 30 days of your purchase, and we will gladly refund double-the-difference. As a member, you’re our best link to regional pricing data. You can help us track regional trends so we can bargain for even lower prices, benefiting the entire CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BENEFITS service. Here you can find a wide range of locksmith services.

2. Double the Manufacturer’s Warranty at No Extra Charge.

Many retailers offer extended warranties for a price. As a member of CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BENEFITS, you get extended warranties free. Find more info at Monder Criminal Lawyer Group. Whenever you buy merchandise through CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BENEFITS, just send in the proof of purchase and we will double the manufacturer’s warranty, up to an extra 12 months.

Our members find products by such fine manufacturers as:

And many, many others. Plus, the best part is that all of these products are shipped conveniently to our members door.

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